BlueLab Guardian PH Conductivity Monitor Review

The BlueLab Guardian PH monitor and TDS / EC meter was recently purchased to monitor the nutrient solution in the DFT Build #1 reservoir. Initially one was purchased off of Amazon which ended up not working properly so we picked up a different one from the local hydroponics shop.  We investigated which monitor to buy ahead of time and BlueLab consistently got high recommendations. ph meter pic

After having used the PH and conductivity monitor for a while I am very pleased. When I walk by I can tell at a glance whether or not the solution needs to be adjusted without pulling out the handheld test meter which takes a while to do readings. The experts at the hydroponics shop tell me they have gotten years of usage out of their same meter and as long as the PH probe stays in the solution it should last quite a while.

The meter has alerts that can be set that will flash if the nutrient solution falls below or exceeds certain levels. There is a quick setting that automatically sets alerts with the push of only a few buttons or you can individually set alerts for each parameter (EC /TDS , Temp, PH). The light emitted from the display is green so it should not affect light sensitive plants which could be a factor depending on what you are growing.


In the above video I mention briefly how to calibrate the unit and set the basic alarm. The instructions that come with the unit do a good job of easily explaining how to do all of this but if you need the instructions then here is the link to the product manual which is more detailed then the one that comes in the box with the BlueLab Guardian hydroponics monitor meter.

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