miniature lettuce gro TheHydroCultivator

Miniature Lettuce – Just the right size

Choose the right plant variety for your system We are currently growing a small heirloom variety of lettuce in our DFT or Shallow Flow Technique system (SFT). The variety of lettuce is called Tennis Ball Lettuce and the size makes it perfect for our PVC based hydroponic system. We often grow romaine lettuce in the […]

Holy Basil Tulsi

Hydroponic Tulsi, Indoor Holy Basil

Tulsi the Holy Basil This is an herb with a long history of use from the area of India. Tulsi is considered to be an adaptogen and to have many health benefits. An adaptogen is a plant that has shown to have the ability to allow the body to better cope with stressors, in other […]

home hydroponics power consumption

Home Hydroponics Costs & Power Consumption

Costs of Home Indoor Gardening Making the decision to practice home hydroponics or indoor gardening will most likely involve some sort of expectation of costs. While it is true that indoor home hydroponic gardening will typically use less water than the same crop grown outdoors, there are still some additional costs to consider. If you […]

aerogarden hydroponic cat toy

Hydroponic Cat Toy – Aerogarden 3

  Make a Hydroponic Cat Toy with your Aerogarden 3 We love hydroponics and we love cats, so it is only natural that we would try and combine the two into a hydroponic cat toy. We decided to do a very simple project using the Aerogarden model 3 hydroponic system. Aerogardens are available in several […]


Home Hydroponics : Why Growing Your Own Makes Sense

  Home Hydroponics Protects Your Food We live in a time of increasing population, climate change, GMO crops, and economic uncertainty. People on tv are preparing for the end of the world and scarce food supplies. When we depend entirely on nature to supply us with our food needs we risk nature’s unpredictable wrath, be […]


Automate Your Soil Garden’s Irrigation

  One of the great benefits of most hydroponics growing operations is that most of the processes from lighting, water flow, monitoring, and dosing can all potentially be automated rather easily. We love to cultivate plants with water and sometimes that includes growing plants the traditional manner, with soil. We have a raised bed garden […] NPK leaf deficiency

The Major Nutrients & Deficiencies

  Whether you are growing plants hydroponically or in soil, they still need nutrients in order to grow. Nutrient deficiencies can be common, when growing plants in soil most of the nutrients are already present and those which are still needed can be added to the soil by applying fertilizer. If you are growing hydroponically […]

dft hydro build 1 pic

Complete Overview of DFT Hydroponics Build #1

  The DFT hydroponics build #1 that has been discussed previously has been fully operational for a while now and it seems like a good time to go over the system as a whole. It is tagged as a DFT or Deep Flow Technique due to the standing water within the tubes that is more […]